• Harry Arora

A Message from State Rep. Harry Arora

Dear friends and neighbors, Thank you for placing your trust in me. Last month, I was elected as your new state representative and was sworn in on January 29th. I am honored and humbled to represent you and the people of Connecticut in the General Assembly. I look forward to advocating for you in Hartford and I promise to work hard, and work smart, to serve you. My Priorities as Your State Representative My top priority is to be your voice in state government. The state runs several programs that, although not perfect, are beneficial to many. If you have any concerns or issues with any state programs, I am here to assist you. From time to time, I will also take the opportunity to make you more aware of the variety of programs that exist. My other priority is to seek good policy and legislation, which will allow our state to grow, and be the best place to raise families and build businesses. It is my job to vote on your behalf on all state legislation and I will take each vote very seriously. I will be thorough and rigorous in my research, and will seek your advice before I decide on our vote. Legislative Session and Committee Work As you may know, the state legislature meets for three to five months every year from January to June in long sessions (odds years), and from February to May in even years (like 2020). The current legislative session opened on Feb 5th and will adjourn on May 6th. Bills are initiated in the committees, go through a public hearing, and if approved by the committee, are brought up on the floor of the House or Senate. If the bill passes both the House and Senate, and is signed by the governor, the bill becomes the law of the land. There are 25 different standing committees and each member of the House serves on approximately three. I have been assigned the committees on Higher Education and Employment Advancement, Commerce, and Banking. Effective Communication with You is Key to My Effectiveness My job is to advocate for you. I can only be effective in this role if I can communicate with you often. I would like to get your input on what is working and what we need to fix. I need to know your priorities so that I can make them mine. I will be reaching out to you by phone, by email, and by social media. I will be organizing coffee-hours and evening meetings so I can meet with you in person. I need your participation in our civic process to make our government work for you.  If you would like to visit the Capitol, sit in on a committee meeting, or watch the House live in action, please contact me at (860) 240-8700 or (203) 571-9325 or email me directly at

Sincerely, State Representative Harry Arora 151st General Assembly District Greenwich

State Representative Harry Arora Committee Membership: Banking Committee  Commerce Committee  Higher Education & Employment Advancement Committee  Contact Information: 800-842-1423 (Toll Free) 860-240-8700 (Local) 860-240-0207 (Fax) Legislative Office Building 300 Capitol Ave. Room 4200 Hartford, CT 06106

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