• Harry Arora

Healthcare: CT residents upset about healthcare affordability...

...Great turnout at the Norwalk Oyster Festival this weekend. Great to have Governor candidate Bob Stefanowski and State Senate candidate Mark D'Amelio stop by. I also had the chance to meet and discuss a number of thoughtful CT residents. I held a "corn poll" asking our community which issue was most important to them. Unsurprisingly, healthcare affordability was the most important issue voters in my district wanted their congressman to address. There is clearly a degree of pain and anxiety that has been unleashed by the ACA on the middle class. We heard firsthand about how so many families have lost health coverage or are struggling to pay their premiums. A repeated question was – why are the middle class forced to pay for everyone? Large corporations have a pass under the ACA, lower income Americans get subsidized but the middle class gets penalized. That seems to be the Democrats' agenda – hollow the middle class and trap everyone else at the bottom.