• Harry Arora

Immigration: Democrats are using the immigration issue for political gain but are not interested...

In finding a solution. Over 90 percent of Americans agree that illegal immigration is a problem and disagree with the notion of open borders. However, many Democrats – in NY and in many other states - are advocating for open borders. In reality, we need increased border security and a faster due process for those who are apprehended at the southwestern border. Jim Himes voted against increasing border security and against helping the DACA kids

I disagree with the policy that separates children from their families. That policy has been reversed - it's very clear the Democrats are behaving as if that is still the only immigration issue. In Senate hearings a few weeks ago, we heard from several federal officials that 1) children are not living in inhumane conditions but ones approved under U.S. standards and that 2) they are not "ignoring the issue" - they have been working overtime for the past few weeks to rejoin children with their families. As Congressman Himes and other Democrats focus on political gain from this issue they are forgetting how illegal immigration and sanctuary cities are hurting our communities and completely ignoring the issues around legal immigration.