• Harry Arora

Foreign Policy: We need to fix our trade relationship with China – an important economic partner...

For the United States. China has been taking advantage of our trade policies - trade has increasingly become one-sided. China has always had tariffs on many of our goods while Chinese firms have enjoyed full access to our markets without any tariffs. China also makes technology transfer to local partners a pre-condition for access to markets in China. Further, China does not recognize and enforce international intellectual property rules and allows their firms to copy and appropriate intellectual property of western firms.

We have announced that we will levy tariffs on Chinese goods to retaliate against all these unfair trade practices. While I acknowledge tariffs and trade barriers are not preferable in an ideal world but there is no other option. Reasonable dialogue and WTO complaints have failed to bring any real change over last ten years. For the first time, the United States is standing up to defend our workers and the intellectual property of our businesses.