• Harry Arora

Zoom with COO Josh Geballe, 12/29/20

On Tuesday, 12/29, I held a Zoom with Connecticut COO Josh Geballe, Chief Operating Officer for the state of Connecticut. Josh Geballe is responsible for the operations of 25 state agencies and 30,000 employees who provide critical services to the people of CT. He is part of Governor Lamont's leadership team and is involved in key policy decisions.

Below are excerpts from our conversation:

Q1: Phase 1A logistics - who’s covered and how do I get it? Are dentists covered? If I’m a doctor not associated with a large hospital, how do I get the vaccine?

Q2: Moderna or Pfizer - can I choose which vaccine I want?

Q3: Are we able as a state to distribute our allocation?

Q4: Will the vaccine be mandated in CT?

Q5: In my Op-Ed ( from last week, I am advocating that we should include seniors in Phase 1A and that 90% of our vaccines be allocated to seniors. Here is our discussion:

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