• Harry Arora

Immigration: CT-4 does not want open borders and wants our country to invest in border security...

...Jim Himes has repeatedly voted against investing in border security. I had several conversations with constituents in my district on Saturday at the Stamford HarborFest. It's very clear that people do NOT want open borders. Many schools in our district are suffering as undocumented children become a large part of school classes and appropriate larger resources from our community. People want more border security and agree with my view that America should be "compassionate but firm" when it comes to illegal immigration. We also know that open borders have led to a large increase in Fentanyl laced illicit drugs. Fentanyl is responsible for over 30,000 deaths every year. However, my opponent Congressman Jim Himes has repeatedly voted against more border security (HR 6136). It is time CT-4 has a Congressman that represents the views of our district.