• Harry Arora

Campaign: Kavanaugh confirmation hearings demonstrate the toxic nonsensical environment in DC.

The political discussion this week was centered around Kavanaugh confirmation hearings – the hearings demonstrated the toxic nonsensical environment in DC. Democrat senators made mockery of the hearing process. Himes tweeted unjustified and vitriolic comments against Kavanaugh. My view is that confirmation of a judicial nominee should center around the nominee’s capacity and record in making impartial judgments without personal bias. The questions should be about the nominee’s ability to make a faithful and accurate interpretation of the constitution. Every justice is expected to put aside his personal biases in doing their duty as justice of the highest court. Kavanaugh’s prior decisions and hearing responses show him as a judge that respects the Constitution as well as the precedent of the Supreme Court. The hearings showed utter disrespect to Justice Kavanagh whose talent and service are exemplary.