• Harry Arora

Phase 3 Reopening, Travel Update & High School Football

Dear friends and neighbors, Hope you are doing well. As our society's battle with COVID enters the Fall season, here are key updates on COVID you may find useful. Phase 3 Reopening : On October 8th, the state will ease some of the restrictions that were put into place on businesses and gatherings. Indoor capacity for restaurants, personal services, hair salons will be allowed to go from 50 percent to 75 percent, outdoor capacity from 100 to 150 – subject to COVID-19 safety requirements. However, bars and nightclubs will continue to stay closed. Private residence gatherings will still be limited to 25. Here is the full press release. The measure for COVID spread : There are a lot of numbers about COVID used by media and others and it can be very confusing. An important "actionable measure" to track and compare COVID is the "New case average over last 7 days per 100k population". This metric is being used by decision makers and is useful to compare infections over time and with other geographies. Here is a link to the Stat website which provides this statistic by country, state and county. You can set the new cases on the right hand graph and set it for 7 day average. When this measure is below 10 infection is considered low, between 10 and 25 the infection is medium and above 25 infection is dangerously high. This measure can be used before travel or to gauge the infection rate where our friends or families maybe. Resurgence or Uptick : Using the above measure, Connecticut's new cases moved from up 3 to 5.3 in early September and is back down at 4.3 now. The uptick was likely a result of increased testing from school reopening. As a state, our strategy is working in containing COVID. The new case rate for United States as a whole is 12.7 Travel Advisory testing alternative : Connecticut has a 14 day quarantine requirement for anyone traveling from any state which has this "new cases" of over 10. The state govt. has clarified the testing alternative. No quarantine is required if the traveler tests 72 hours prior to travel or after coming to CT AND provides a confirmed negative result. Here is the official travel advisory. School Reopening and High School Football : Greenwich school reopening has gone well. We are amongst the few schools which are open in-person (for the most part). However, despite student protest and bipartisan legislator advocacy, the state DPH has not allowed HS football. Instead they have suggested 7 on 7 passing game and the idea of a spring season. Here is the recent DPH letter to the CT school sports association (CIAC). There is some tentative discussion about club football. My view point is - Let 'em play - with all safety precautions !

Sincerely, Harry Arora State Representative, 151st General Assembly District - Greenwich

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