• Harry Arora

Campaign: Strong Republican turnout in CT primaries - Congratulations Bob Stefanowski...

for winning the gubernatorial primary. In our statewide primary election on Tuesday, we had over 143,000 Republican voters coming to the polls. This was up from 125,000 in 2010 and 79,000 in 2014, both prior Governor election years. The increase in voter turnout is a direct reflection of the momentum for Republican ideas in Connecticut. The Democrat turnout for this primary was 25% while that for our Republican Party was 30%. In CT there is no blue wave – it appears a red wave is forming. Congratulations to Bob Stefanowski for the nomination for Governor, Joe Markley for Lt. Governor, Thad Gray for Treasurer, Sue Hatfield for Attorney General, Kurt Miller for Comptroller and Matt Corey for the nomination for US Senate.