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Three ways to lower your electric bill

Eversource and UI recently announced that standard service electric rates would be up nearly 50% for the first six months of 2023, costing an average household $84 more per month. Below are three ways to lower your electricity bill and save money. Shop for the best electricity price: While the standard service rate is up 50%, electricity is a deregulated market, and other suppliers may offer a better price. If you have never shopped for electricity, this might be the year you should look into it by visiting Earlier today, competitive suppliers offered 16.59c per kWh for a 36-month contract, providing about $50 a month in savings for an average household. While this contract is a longer commitment, customers can cancel these contracts without penalty under state statute (Public Act 21-117). Click HERE to read my last email, which provides an overview of CT's electricity market. Energy Assistance Programs: CT Department of Social Services uses federal block grants to run the CT Energy Assistance Program (CEAP). Below is some information about CEAP.

  1. CEAP provides up to $600 of assistance per household.

  2. Energy Assistance is available to households who earn less than 60% of the state's median income. Please click HERE to see qualifying levels.

  3. CEAP is administered by the state's nine Community Action Agencies (CAA). Click HERE to see which CAA covers your town and their contact information.

  4. Those who use electricity for heating, and qualify for CEAP, are also eligible for Matching Payment Plan. Households registering in Matching Payment Plan will see no increase in electric bills this year. Click HERE for more details.

Efficiency and reduced consumption: Improving usage efficiency is the best way to reduce the electricity bill. Expert suggestions include:

  1. Installing a programmable / wi-fi thermostat to heat at the correct times

  2. Improving insulation, so the home does not lose heat - using window insulation kits, storm doors, and insulating hot water pipes and crawl spaces.

  3. Maintenance of the heating system - timely replacement of furnace filters, keeping vents clean & unobstructed, closing fireplace dampers when not in use.

  4. Using efficient lighting - replacing incandescent and CFL bulbs with LEDs which consume much less electricity

  5. Conduct a professional energy audit. The Home Energy Solutions program offered by utilities under state statute provides a free virtual assessment and a $50 co-pay in-person assessment to reduce energy bills.

Harry Arora State Representative Member - Energy & Technology Committee

This email is from State Representative Harry Arora. It is a public interest email to inform CT residents about state programs and policies. If you need any more information or help please email Harry directly at

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