• Harry Arora

Zoom discussion on cost/reliability of electricity with Fred Camillo

Dear friends and neighbors, Please join me this Saturday, Aug 29th, 11 AM for a Zoom discussion on electricity costs and reliability with our First Selectman Fred Camillo. We want to hear YOUR thoughts and ideas on how to handle the twin challenge of costs and reliability of our electric supply. Please register here to participate in this Zoom discussion The Public Utility Regulatory Authority (PURA) held a hearing last Tuesday on Eversources' recent rate increases. Eversource provided a breakup on their electric rates claiming most of the increase in consumer bills this summer is because of increased usage by residential customers. Here is the written testimony from Eversource management. It also came to light during PURA's questioning that the increased revenues this summer due to higher usage negated any need for higher rates for residential customers. I believe that the suspension in the rate increases should be made permanent by our regulator. The energy committee will hold a hearing today which will include testimony from the CEO of Eversource. You can watch these hearings live (or recorded) on CT-N. There are two important issues we will be discussing this Saturday. First, how do we improve reliability of our electric system - burying lines, vegetation (tree) management etc ? It is a known problem that we have trees both on public and private property which are in poor condition and need to be pruned or removed. Our community and town authorities need to institute a more diligent tree management policy. Second, we will discuss why electricity costs in CT are the highest in the country. Nearly 20% of the cost of our electricity is the result of various state policy mandates. These need to be scrutinized carefully. The cost of electricity in CT is double that of FL, CT or Ohio. This is not acceptable. Please join us Saturday Aug 29th, 11 AM, on Zoom call (register here) with Fred to discuss this important topic. We need change and your participation and support is necessary to bring about the needed change.

Sincerely, Harry Arora State Representative, 151st General Assembly District - Greenwich

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